With the Ferryman ~ Your First Step to Jainism

“Papa, is there a God?” she asked her father when she was all of seven.
“Yes, there is,” the father replied gently. “Not one, but many gods. Each one of us can become a god.”
One question led to the next, and the next…


Now, years later, this father–daughter duo come together to share with you their quest for knowledge about life, soul, god, and the universe. “With the Ferryman” is your first step to knowing Jainism.


Ferryman Jainism Book by Dulichand Jain Pratibha Jain SM



148 pages, Paperback | First print Oct 2018 | Dimensions: 6.5*5 | Authors: Dulichand Jain & Pratibha Jain | Vision: Prabodh Jain | Design: Venky Pillai | Cover Illustration: Zeel Sanghvi | Rs. 50 | $2


Ferryman Jainism book


About this Book

Written by Dulichand Jain and Pratibha Jain, this book is the perfect guide to understand the universal principles of life taught to us by the great seer – Tīrthaṅkara Mahāvīra.

Mahāvīra, who lived in the 6th century BC, was an ascetic, a seer, and an enlightened being who walked among the masses. He taught people to live in accordance with dharma, following the principles of non–violence, non–possession and non–absolutism. From his vast treasure of teachings, enjoy this compilation of Q&A on various topics such as body and soul, life and rebirth, merit and demerit, and karma and consequences.

The Q&A format of this book also makes it an ideal guide for conducting quizzes with students in schools and colleges, and in shivirs and camps.

Priced at Rs 50 ($2) only, this book is a non-profit venture created with the sole aim of spreading the universal message of Tīrthaṅkara Mahāvīra.


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