The Mother’s I ~ My Evolution as a Mother

by on May 13, 2012

I now stand on the verge of the big, dark question.


Tell me, my dear, is it possible, that I may
stop looking at you as a responsibility so that
I may not feel tied down?


Tell me, my dearest, is it possible, that I may
not feel bound as I am sure that
my feelings bind you too?


Tell me, my heart, is it possible, that we may
feel responsible yet free so that
this resentment may not accompany us?


Tell me, my sweetness, is it possible, that we may
love truly and completely so that
we can treasure our togetherness?


Tell me, my beloved, is it possible, that we may
blend love and freedom such that
there is ‘space between our togetherness’?


Tell me, my own, is it possible, that I can
let go, of myself, of you so that
the relationship may be liberated?


The oracle had stated, my love, that
my evolution is related to you.
Is there a greater treasure than this truth?


Tell me, my smile, isn’t it poignant that
the liberation of a relationship
is related to the evolution of the self!


P.S: I wrote this more than a decade ago, but never posted it because of the phrase ‘space between our togetherness’. Soon after writing the poem, I recognized Khalil Gibran’s phrase. Tried removing it but something did not work – for me! Recently I chanced to read the letter from Mark Twain to Helen Keller about plagiarism, thanks to my friend Kavitha Shivan! Having clarified the matter of plagiarism versus inspiration within my own head, here is the poem – finally out – with its new inverted commas!


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