Terra Madre Day ~ Going Slow Today for My Mother Earth

by on December 13, 2010

‘The Traditional Connect’ is what Jigyasa and myself titled the event on December 10, 2010 to celebrate the Terra Madre Day. Across the globe, this day was celebrated in an endless number of ways this year, from small gatherings to large events world over, creating a resonance in the human community to walk the route of traditional eating, farming and living once again. A day when thousands participated in events across the globe to pay a tribute to Mother Earth & work for her preservation. More than 1150 events in 120 countries. The activities took place in a wide variety of locations, in many countries across the world: in cities and rural areas, in schools or community centers, in cinemas or on farms, restaurant or at home, or even on a boat! The idea is to be creative and join the movement!

Jigyasa and myself planned a potluck lunch and contest along with The Duchess club, an active women’s club in our city Chennai, India. The event began at 11 am with participants trooping in with their home-cooked delights and the decorations to set-up their presentations. The lunch was sumptuous and was shared many VEGETARIAN recipes in true community spirit with many more people apart from the participants – drivers, farmers, staff and others.

Mother Earth - Terra Madre Day pic5Elegant traditional presentations made the event truly authentic. This one was by Sujata.

Mother Earth-Vegetarian recipesBedwi Puri with Shrikhand, a tasty dish from Rajasthan by Sujata Mundhra.

Mother Earth-Vegetarian recipesBamboo rice, Pacchi Pulusu, Ulavala Chaaru, Jonna Rotti, Kootu and Kobari Mithai – ethnic presentation of recipes from Andhra Pradesh made by Nina Reddy.

Mother Earth-Vegetarian recipesWinner recipes by Rathi – the setting is ready for the rice dish to arrive!

Mother Earth-Vegetarian recipesWinner dishes by Rathi Nilakantan: Spinach & Pomegranate Rice – a preparation from Vietnam; Raw Mango & Date Pachchadi – inspired by Kerala cuisine.

Mother Earth-Vegetarian recipesAnnouncing the prizes – Rathi all smiles as Sabita Radhakrishna hands her the prize.

Mother Earth-Vegetarian recipesFor the sweet tooth. Srivalli Jetti tackles the task of judging from this array of traditional sweets!

Mother Earth-Vegetarian recipesSweet Kuzhipaniyaram & Kavunarisi (Black Rice Sweet) – two yum Chettinad preparations by Alagammai Ramaswamy.

Mother Earth-Vegetarian recipesPhirni – a creamy rice flour pudding prepared by Kausalya Padmanabhan. On top right is Semiya Paal Payasam – a popular sweet dish of Tamil Nadu by Hamsa Rani.

Mother Earth-Vegetarian recipesMonica Sundaram adds final touches to her Raitha. Also arranged here is Hara Bhara Masala Roti – a Sindhi preparation by Kavita Lakhi and Onion parathas – delectable Sindhi rotis by Pushpa Raheja.

Pritya Terra Madre Day pic14Banana Stem Raita – a traditional side dish from Tamil Nadu by Monica Sundaram. Also seen are Vietnamese Raw Papaya Salad, Thai Raw Mango Salad and Cambodian Beans & Cucumber by Mumtaz Alam.

Vegetarian recipesAmrood ki Sabzi with Rotis by Anuradha Sachdev. Club Kachori with Aloo ki Sabzi – a North Indian combination dish brought by Indu Gupta.

Vegetarian recipesSaai Bhaaji & Methi Thooma Rice – Sindhi preparation by Manju Mudit

Pritya Terra Madre Day pic17Tangy Lemon Dal – a traditional Andhra Dal prepared by Jaya Pydah.

Pritya Terra Madre Day pic18Punjabi Rajma – a traditional and popular Punjabi side dish prepared by Anu Agarwal.

Pritya Terra Madre Day pic19The delicious array continues in the sprawling lawns too! Visible here are Theeyati Charu, an Andhra Rasam by Jigyasa Giri as well as Dal Makhani – the popular slow cooked Punjabi Dal by Shivani Arora.

Pritya Terra Madre Day pic20Bisi Bele Bhaath – the popular dish of Karnataka presented by Neelu Ramesh.

Pritya Terra Madre Day pic21Gutti Vankaya Koora – a traditional Andhra delicacy prepared by Shoba Reddy.

Pritya Terra Madre Day pic23Yoga for all – bringing a Slow Rhythm to life – Serious Fun.

Pritya Terra Madre Day pic24Captive audience.

Pritya Terra Madre Day pic25Engrossed in the proceedings – the lovely members of The Duchess Club enjoy a moment of serenity with the yoga activity.

Pritya Terra Madre Day pic26Jigyasa Giri in serious consultation with Sabita Radhakrishna.

Pritya Terra Madre Day pic28Sabita chooses this as the best side-dish – Gatta Palak of Rajasthani fame prepared by Suman Mundhra

Pritya Terra Madre Day pic29Another winner: Dal ka Paratha with Fruitable Delight by Jyothi Chabbria

Pritya Terra Madre Day pic30The participants busy locating the missing dishes of their Thali in the ‘Make your thali” game.

Pritya Terra Madre Day pic31Fabulous enthusiasm! The wooden ladles help to find their respective groups!

Pritya Terra Madre Day pic32See the ladles arranged on the floor? Those represent the different dishes in the “make your thali’ game. The women carrying ladles of recipes from Andhra Pradesh were the first to complete their thali.

Pritya Terra Madre Day pic34The winning group of The Traditional Thalis game: We pledge to work towards saving Mother Earth!

Pritya Terra Madre Day pic35A setting that is truly eye-catching!

Pritya Terra Madre Day pic36The Winner Combination Dish – Saentee with Imlaani & Badi ka Saag – a combination of traditional dishes from Rajasthan prepared by Sujata Mundhra! Also seen are Dal Dhokli with Papad Choori – Rajasthani delights prepared by Pratibha Jain.

Pritya Terra Madre Day pic38Quizzing on a serious note….Sowmya Radhakrishna & Kavitha Chesetty.

Pritya Terra Madre Day pic39Participants browsing through their copy of the Malli food magazine gifted by Kavita Chesetty for answers to questions posed.

Pritya Terra Madre Day pic40Not easy scanning through the magazine in a jiffy and finding answers.

Pritya Terra Madre Day pic41Participants absorbed with their copies of Malli magazine.

Pritya Terra Madre Day pic42Jigyasa Giri & Kavitha Chesetty pose with a winner of the quiz round.

Pritya Terra Madre Day pic45Never seen such a variety even in a buffet! Not to be missed were: Bajra/Kambu Curd Rice by Sudharani Ravii; Punjabi Kadi by Manju Malhotra; Pakoda Kurma by Monica Sundaram; Puli Aval by Indrani Iyer.

Pritya Terra Madre Day pic46Large array of preparations beginning with Makka Bajra ki Roti with Sarson ka Saag of Punjabi fame by Renu Bhushan. She won the prize for best written recipe!

Pritya Terra Madre Day pic47Toddy from my village…any takers??

Pritya Terra Madre Day pic48Some dear friends at the event – Tara Jain & Renu Chordia.

Pritya Terra Madre Day pic49The two earthen pots contain sweet-spicy side dishes by Tara Jain: Manga Pachchadi from Tamil Nadu & Amchur-kishmish ki Sabzi from Rajasthan. At top right are the Tamilian Sundal varieties by Dr. Prithika Chary. Also see the Green Mango Pachchadi by Rathi Nilakantan & Salads by Mumtaz Alam.

Pritya Terra Madre Day pic50Seeralam Curry, a South Indian side dish by Satya Reddy. Arranged in Choondri fabric are the Bhaata Pooris by Renu Chordia, a travel preparation from Rajasthan.

Pritya Terra Madre Day pic57Adad Paak by Anita Badani, the winner sweet dish from Gujarat.

Pritya Terra Madre Day pic58New bondings – Anita, Jigyasa & Priya.

Bajjis – South Indian snackWinner Snack of the day: Organic Vazhaikai Bajji by Vasanthi Srinivasan, a snack from Tamilnadu.

Dhokla & SandwichSome yummy snacks: Brown Bread Sandwich brought by Lena Subramaniam.

Tasty Indian Snacks Clockwise from left: Handvo – A cake like savoury dish of slow cooking from Gujarat patiently prepared by Jigaysa Giri. Chola Paniyaram with Brinjal Chutney by Sudharani Ravii. Wheat Ravva Idlii with Coconut Chutney also prepared by Sudharani Ravii.

Traditional Indian party snacksSnacks from the left: Sooji Dhokla with Karipatta Chutney – recipe from Gujrat by Renu Hemdev. Samba Rava Upma prepared by Vijayalaxmi reddy. Dahi Wada – a traditional Rajasthani preparation by Sunita Maheshwari.

Mor Kali South Indian snackMor Kali – an almost forgotten traditional dish from Tamil Nadu presented by Janaki Subramanian – click HERE for this tribute recipe.

Sindhi Methi Pulav, Puli Pongal & Brinjal veggieGarlic Methi Pulav, a Sindhi preparation by Lalita Hashumal. Puli Pongal from Tamil Nadu by Uma Shankar. Kathirikkai Masala, a Tamilian side dish by Hamsa Rani.

Click to read all about our memorable trip to the Terra Madre Conference 2010 in Turin, Italy. We would love to hear your comments and thoughts in the form below.


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