Sweet Panchdhari and Spicy Besan ki Pakodi ~ Anandkawar Chowdhari

by on September 15, 2014


A halwa made with flour, gramflour, semolina and khoya; this is a much-loved traditional dish in the Chowdhari family. Smt. Anandkawarji says that it is prepared along with pakodis every year on the death anniversaries of her father-in-law and husband. The entire family comes together to partake of the specially prepared meal on these days.



  • Wheat flour – ½ cup
  • Gram flour (besan) – ½ cup
  • Semolina (sooji) – ½ cup
  • Khoya (unsweetened) – ½ cup
  • Ghee – ¼ cup
  • Sugar – 1½ cups
  • Cardamom powder – a pinch
  • Saffron colour – a pinch


  1. Heat the ghee in a thick-bottomed wok. Add the wheat flour, gram flour and semolina and roast on a low flame until they turn golden brown. Now add the khoya and roast for 5 minutes. Switch off flame.
  2. In the meanwhile, add the sugar in a vessel. Add 1 cup water and switch on the flame. Allow to boil until the sugar syrup reaches one-string consistency. Add cardamom powder and saffron colour and switch off the flame.
  3. Immediately, pour the sugar syrup into the flour mixture. Stir continuously to avoid lumps for 5-7 minutes until the ghee separates.

Panchdhari, Besan ki Pakodi

Besan ki Pakodi

The quickest way to make fritters; all it requires is gram flour, spices and a special knack. You will also need two large slotted spoons with holes (which are the size of fenugreek or sago seeds). One of these is for pouring the mixture through the holes to make fritters. The other is for removing the fried fritters from the oil.


  • Gramflour (besan) – 1 cup
  • Red chilli powder – ½ tsp
  • Turmeric powder – a pinch
  • Asafoetida powder – a pinch
  • Garam masala powder – a pinch
  • Salt – to taste


  1. Mix all the ingredients along with ½ cup water into a thick batter.
  2. Heat oil for deep frying in a thick-bottomed wok.
  3. When the oil begins to smoke, place the slotted spoon over the wok. Take a tablespoon of the mixture and pour it on the slotted spoon and quickly spread the mixture in a circular manner over the spoon. This will allow tiny fritters to drop from the holes into the wok. Now remove the slotted spoon and set aside.
  4. Use the other slotted spoon to stir the fritters and turn them a couple of times so they are evenly cooked on all sides. Remove from oil and drain on an absorbent paper.
  5. Serve hot.
This recipes was first published in The Great Granny Diaries – a column in Harmony Magazine. Part-1 of this post is the interview with Anandkawar Chowdhari, a Rajasthani great-granny from Chennai.


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Besan ki pakodi is amazing! i am so gonna try it.
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