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by on April 23, 2015

Summer Foods was the theme of this article “Cool Diet for Hot Season” in the Indian Express. Pratibha Jain shares some practical tips to beat the heat along with the recipe of Mango Roll – a beautiful and delicious Sandesh Recipe from Sandesh Artist, Indu Bokaria’s cookbook “Recipes from a Diary”. Here is a transcript of the article along with the questions asked by the newspaper.


What are the easy ways to make summer foods one can try this season?
A variety of vegetable and fruit salads is the perfect way to beat the heat. My favourite item for lunch is either curd rice or curd vermicelli or curd daliya with a dash of tempering and some chopped grapes or pomegranates for that special touch. Chilled sandwiches with a variety of spreads ranging from mint chutney to hung curd is ideal for snack times. To drink enough water, add a few sprigs of mint and a slice of lemon to a jug of water and place it on your table so it looks attractive and inviting.
Interview by Indian Express


What are the lesser-known India coolers that one can easily prepare at home?
You can prepare a variety of coolers during summer such as sherbet with fennel seeds (saunf ka sharbat), with kokum or with sandalwood (chandan ka sharbat). My favourite is this Ayurvedic cooler called sharkarodaka which is made by mixing 4 cups drinking water, 1 tablespoon powdered rock sugar, and a pinch each of powdered edible camphor, pepper powder and clove powder.


There are summer foods like mango, which when consumed in huge amounts can cause tummy issues. How can one include these in their diet?
Moderation is the universal rule. Whether mangoes are considered as heating or cucumbers as cooling, they must both be eaten in moderation. As far as mangoes are concerned, we soak them in water for half an hour before peeling them. This changes the heating property. So does addition of a few tablespoons of milk to ripe mango juice. I have also seen my elders add a dollop of ghee to mango juice for the same reason.


What are the spices one can consume during the season? Or any spices one can avoid?
In summer, we need to regenerate ourselves with the right foods as our energy gets depleted quickly. The heat dries up the moisture in the atmosphere and disturbs the pitta or the fiery element within us. We should guard against pitta related ailments such as heat stroke, dehydration, ulcers and rashes. Avoid salty and spicy foods. Cool the body with juicy fruits, buttermilk, rose water and salads.


Please share a recipe for one of the summer food items
Sandesh has been my latest obsession simply because I compiled the recipes for Indu Bokaria’s cookbook ‘Recipes from a Diary”. She makes more than fifty varieties of Sandesh, each one more delicious than the other. Being the season of mangoes, I would love to share one of her mango recipes.
(As seen in Indian Express, April 2015)


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