Secret Cuisines & Sacred Rituals ~ Radio Show with Vilasi

by on January 3, 2015

Today I was on Toginet Radio, along with Jigyasa Giri, on Vilasi’s popular show Secret Cuisines and Sacred Rituals. As is stated on the website, this radio show is “a quest, a place, and a feast. It explores myths, mystique, old medicine, and brilliant modern solutions through a dazzling kaleidoscope of cuisines, cultures, and cures. This is the place where tribes gather. Strangers and familiars. To be memory keepers and makers of our evolving, enduring, evergreen (spoken) legacy of wisdom and ingenuity.”


To listen to our show, download this podcast.


This was our first interaction with Vilasi and truly a lovely experience. Right from the moment she contacted Jigyasa and myself for the show and asked us to talk about our award winning cookbook of traditional Andhra recipes – Cooking at Home with Pedatha, her interest in culinary traditions could be seen with every word she spoke.
Secret cuisines sacred rituals vilasi

A charming and passionate speaker, teacher and storyteller, Vilasavathi Venkatachalam, aka Vilasi, is truly a keeper of tradition. In 2008, she founded Ancient Wisdom, Modern Solutions – a company that studies tradition to bring its wisdom into today’s context. A team of consultants come together to discover the path to health and vitality. They look at food as medicine and are inspired by our ancient healing traditions.


In Vilasi’s own words, “I gather nuggets about Cuisines, Cultures and Cures – in the markets, bazaars, souks, roadside stalls and backyards. I explore, taste and write about the secret cuisines and healing traditions, often forgotten. I champion markets and makers who, do old things in new ways and new things in old ways that delight, heal and transform.”


In her inimitable style, Vilasi asked us questions which brought back memories of Pedatha, of the perfection with which she did the tempering, of how the two of us, one Gujarati and another Rajasthani, came to write a book about Andhra cooking. It was a nostalgic trip down memory lane. She nudged us to speak about ourselves, our interests, our foray into cookbook and current projects – all in all, a reflective experience, I must add!


Vilasi’s radio shows are available as quick downloadable podcasts.


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