Samvatsari – the festival of mending hearts

by on September 1, 2011

On this day of Samvatsari Festival which is the festival of forgiveness and inner cleansing, these thoughts pour from the heart:


Can we trace the history of hurt?


How often have I said – I did not intend to hurt you. But I have hurt you, intentionally or otherwise. And hurt me you have too, intentionally or otherwise. This may have happened in this life, or another. For it is not just in this birth that we have met. I don’t really remember. I don’t even remember all my actions in this life! Then how do I trace my history with you?


For in that history resides the real intention – of my life with you. Without the knowledge of that history, how can I even speak of intention? For then the ‘intention’ is only a superficial utterance of mine.


Does it matter? Should I know? Was it this life or the previous one, or the one before that? Was it you who started this or was it me? Should I remain stubbornly trapped within my limited memory? Should I wait to know?


Not really, say the seers. There is something I can do.


I can go beyond the blame game.


I can acknowledge that there MUST be a history. I can take responsibility for that history. I can say, “Knowingly or unknowingly, if I have hurt you, I am truly sorry.” For if I had not done ‘that’ action, why would ‘this’ act happen to me? So even if it seems that you are the one hurting me now, in my wisdom, I know otherwise. Deep within me, I know that in this cycle of hurtful exchanges, I am as responsible as you are.


Samvatsari festival of forgiveness

Samvatsari Festival of Forgiveness

It is after all, my life, where nothing can happen which is not engineered by me. Hence whether I like it or not, I am responsible. I can choose to accept that responsibility with equanimity. It is only then that the chain of hurt can be stumped and stopped.


Someone has to stop the chain – why not me?


For those actions of body, mind and speech which may have hurt you, which I may have committed in awareness or otherwise, I seek your forgiveness. May we leave the past behind us, and create a future where we choose to nurture rather than hurt, forgive rather than blame, love rather than hate!


Michami Dukkadam!


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