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by on February 24, 2011


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So whose was the 7th murder in the film ‘Saat khoon maaf’? The butler who died of food poisoning! The housekeeper who died in fire! Some even say it is of Susanna by Dr Arun, her young admirer. And according to Christianity, it is that of Christ (I was re-educated in Christianity by Saritha Rao, my friend, during an interesting discussion the past two days).


I have always been fascinated by the notion of guilt and sin, which is popular in Jainism and Christianity. And despite having offered the prayer of Pratikramana on many countless evenings, where we ask forgiveness for our sins by enumerating them, I still cannot subscribe to it. I still look out (or inside) for happiness and laughter, for the feeling of euphoria and achievement. The snake is real, and no amount of lectures by Mishra Sir, my philosophy teacher, has led to a sublation of my empirical vision to the loftier transcendental one.


Having said this, I obviously don’t subscribe to the view that the seventh murder is that of Christ. I believe it is of her housekeeper. I am not entering the argument of whether it was intentional or subconscious (unlike that of the butler which was accidental), but it was one of those two. It is why she feels guilty and asks for forgiveness for her seven sins.


One obvious question that crops up with this film is why doesn’t Susanna simply walk away instead of committing the heinous sin of murder again and again? I believe that walking away is not an option that exists in the frameworks of many (not that murder is)! Separation represents failure, it is also considered as dragging one’s feet. To me, the murders in the film are symbolic of wiping the slate clean to make a fresh start. What is even more significant is that one cannot really get away from anyone or anything. So like Susanna, we all find ourselves in the same patterns repeatedly and the problems continue as long as we do not face them squarely in the face.


Well, since I started by talking of happiness, let me tell you what I liked about this film. For me, the highlight of the film was the young boy’s love for her. Without that angle, I would have written off the movie. His feelings started with gratitude and hero worship, but then his love for her rose higher and higher, also giving him the integrity to refuse her desperate advances. He shows us that true love has the power to forgive. He forgives her wrongdoings and that gives her a fresh lease of life.


On another thought, she represents all those women who forgive their men again and again, for abuse, for cruelty, and for possessiveness. Each time Susanna is hurt, she gives up that relationship and makes a fresh start, hoping for love this time round. Each of her marriages represents the same hope – the hope of finding love – whether with the same person or with another. Each time, she tries to change and adapt herself, as many of my gender do, in the search of that true final love.


The disappointments continue. She is disillusioned repeatedly, but finally finds her redemption. How? Because the witness self is there, the sakshi. It is this witness self that knocks on His door each time she feels wronged. It is this sakshi which facilitates the realization that empirical relationships are a road of constant disappointments and failures, and the only true love to be found is with God (read God as Self).


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Tanmai February 26, 2011 at 6:04 am

I dunno much abt christianity but it was very clearly stated in the movie tht the seventh husband who is in love with Sussane from the very beginning was dead… In PC’s words as said in the church, “mein use apna shohar maanti hoon” confirms tht christ is the 7th groom ;)
I do not agree tht the 7th murder is the butler or the house keeper or Sussane herself… i feel it was intended the Christ is already dead in love with her and tht is why he saves her again n again…


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