Recipes from a Diary (A Personal Collection of Indian Vegetarian Recipes)

Winner of Best Vegetarian Cookbook in the world 2016 by Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, “Recipes from a Diary” is an amazing collection of recipes compiled by Pratibha Jain from Indu Bokaria’s personal diary.


Vegetarian cookbook


First Print: March 2015 | 76 Pages, Paperback, Multicolour | ISBN: 978-93-5196-058-4 | Publisher: Self Published | MRP: Rs. 500/- | Author: Indu Bokaria | Compiler: Pratibha Jain | Food Stylist & Photographer: Sanjeeta KK | Book Design: Vimki Giria


Recipes from a diary


About this Book

By tempering wafting flavors of comfort food with clear steps, generous tips and creative alternatives, Indu Bokaria elevates simple family recipes. Unarguably, the foundation of this book is the imaginative and innovative “sweets” section – where she divulges recipes of over 20 varieties of sandesh including sandesh with seasonal fruits – thus earning the title of SANDESH ARTIST.

Other sections of the cookbook include mocktails and coolers, salads, snacks such as toasts and tikkis, rotis and parathas, pulavs and main courses, and chutneys and spreads. Whether you’re cooking for the family or entertaining guests, this book is perfect for the cook in you to enjoy!


Sections of the Book

Sweets & Sandesh Art | Mocktails & Salads | Snacks | Sabzis | Rotis | Pulavs & Main Course | Chutneys & Spreads
First Page of Content Recipes from a Diary

Second Page of Content Recipes from a Diary

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