Nine Sutras to Live By ~ Hermeneutician Raimon Panikkar

by on January 23, 2010


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Ever since I read these resolutions from “The dwelling place for wisdom” by Raimon Panikkar a few years ago, they come to mind whenever something new emerges, be it the new year or a friend’s birthday. I think these pearls of wisdom by this extraordinary thinker and writer is the best way to make a start, so let me begin my blog with these SPIRITUAL MUSINGS.


The author writes:
“I have given myself nine rules, or sutras:
1. Begin with myself (not trying to change others).
2. Begin within myself (hence, without impetus from outside).
3. Open myself to the whole of reality (not a ‘specialized’ spirituality).
4. Begin where I myself am…no waiting for the ideal point of departure. For eg: once I have money, once I get married etc…
5. Do not consider the consequences. Here one needs a pure heart: otherwise one will be afraid. No one can calculate all consequences ahead of time, not even a computer.
6. Be in solidarity – hence not in isolation. Solitude need not mean isolation. Solidarity can mean group, family, friends, whatever.
7. Be self-motivated – hence, without outside help, without predetermination, without a fixed goal. The true self can never be motivated by a goal!
8. Be non-violent – not straining the will, not wanting to overcome anything. Otherwise one is merely repressing constantly.


Raimon Panikkar is a world renowned philosophical thinker and author who has written more than 40 books and 900 articles. In his book, The Dwelling Place of Wisdom, Panikkar sees wisdom as the art and knowledge of life and a source of happiness and joy–a dwelling place where people are blessed. We would love to know your own happiness mantras. Share with us in the comment form below.


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Shanti Chordia February 12, 2011 at 3:07 am

Hey PJ…. these are very practical and easy to adapt in our own life, only if we try to ! But sometimes we are so lazy to let life go as it is, since we all wait for the fireworks to happen, despite ignoring the fact that it is in our own hands and minds so as to speak … do keep posting !!


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