Magnificient Sundae ~ Aesthetic Perfection with Vinod Midha

by on October 20, 2015

Constant innovation is the mantra of Vinod Midha and his lovely wife Seema; a silver couple in Chennai. This magnificient Sundae, perfected by them over the years, has several interesting variations with an array of fruits, colourful crushes and edible decorators.


Food Mantra Vinod Midha

The step by step and detailed explanation by Vinod shows his penchant for perfection. A medley of colours and flavours; take care to follow this perfect recipe perfectly.


Ingredients for Sundae:

  • Vanilla icecream – 6 scoops
  • Sponge cake – 2 cups, diced
  • Pineapple (tinned or stewed) – 6 slices, diced (for first layer)
  • Litchis – 6, halved (for second layer)
  • Red jelly – 1/2 packet (for first layer)
  • Green jelly – 1/2 packet (for second layer)
  • Glaze cherries – 6, halved
  • Sabza seeds (falooda seeds) – 1 tsp, soaked in litchi syrup

Magnificient sundae


  1. Freeze 6 sundae glasses for 15 minutes. Swirl a spoon of diluted jam or thick syrup inside the periphery of the glass.
  2. Prepare the red jelly and green jelly according to the instructions on the packet. Set them in ice tray with square moulds. Once set, remove the jelly from the moulds and quarter into perfect smaller squares.
  3. Place the vanilla icecream from the freezer into the fridge for 30 minutes. This will make it soft without melting it.
  4. Soak the sabza seeds in 2 tablespoons of litchi syrup for about 15 minutes so they swell up.
  5. Dice the pineapples, litchis and sponge cake into perfectly equal-sized pieces.
  6. Now place 6 slim dessert glasses in a row.
  7. Prepare the sundae by following these steps for all the glasses simulataneously. The Midhas are very keen that the sundae should look identical in all the six glasses.
  8. In each glass, add a few pieces of sponge cake at the bottom.
  9. Add a quarter scoop of vanilla icecream.
  10. Drop 3-4 pieces of diced pineapple.
  11. Next, add 2-3 squares of red jelly. You must take care to add them near the rim for visibility.
  12. Add 1 piece of glazed cherry in the centre of the jelly pieces.
  13. Repeat the entire process; this time with litchis and green jelly.
  14. Top the entire sundae with the soaked sabza seeds on the rim.

Chill the sundae glasses in the chiller (not in the freezer) and serve with decorative straws and tall slim spoons.


This recipe was first published in ‘His ladle love’ – a column in Harmony Magazine. Part-1 of this post is the interview with Vinod Midha, a passionate foodie from Chennai.


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