Lootera – Movie on Despair and Love

by on July 6, 2013


Lootera Reviews - Vikramaditya Motwane,Ranveer,Sonakshi

Why I liked Lootera movie:

Because he took his chance for repentance. I have always thought that one of the wonderful things about life is that it holds a mirror to our actions and intentions, and often allows us the chance to undo, or at least, repent. I see that as a cleansing of the inner self, described as Prayashchit in Jainism.


Because despite her overwhelming despair, she finds the space within herself to forgive him.


Because of the beauty with which the leaf analogy continued in the film and how he succeeded in fixing the leaf against all odds. And because her sarees and blouses were splendid; most of them reminded me of Padma Paaduka, my favourite store.


Because the film conveys that love is a great healer. It was their love for each other which lead to forgiveness and repentance, and a beautiful death.


Jainism, and many other religions, speak not just of how we can have a good life, but also how we can have a beautiful death. A good life is defined not as one where one commits no wrongdoings, but as one where one seeks to correct and better oneself. To me, this is what the film was about! He symbolizes repentance, and she forgiveness. His crime record allows no space to continue a better life. Yet he dies with a smile, averting the horror of a torture chamber.


You may ask, what is significant about a smile that lingers for just one instant before death! How does it change the finality of death? The real question is, what if death is not something final but a door? A door to another life!


If so, how do we knock at the right door?

Jainism says that the aura (known as leshya) in which one dies is the same aura in which one is born again. If one breathes one’s last breath in a state of negative aura, then one is born that way. If one’s death takes place in a state of bright, illuminated aura, then one takes birth in an auspicious space and manner.


Thus, ending on smile and hope ensures a smile in the next beginning. The same happens with her. Her years of despair end when she sees the proof of his love. The leaf of despair falls and the leaf of love is set right. Hence her final gaze of joy!


I am sure my view point had something to do with the fact that I saw the film with Amma, my 88-year old mother-in-law and Vasantaji, my 68-year old sister-in-law. It was but natural that the postmortem would happen from a Jaina point of view, but it made the movie even more beautiful for me.


I must confess that I just dozed for a minute or two a couple of times. But my daughter Manasvi says it is due to some unidentified condition within me, and had nothing to do with the film.


Lootera sonakshi ranbir

Lootera movie -Ranveer Singh,Sonakshi

Lootera is a 2013 Bollywood film directed by Vikramaditya Motwane. Lead roles – Ranveer Singh and Sonakshi Sinha. Image courtesy: movies.buzzintown.com


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