Gurudev Praveen Rishi ~ Preface of Arham Pregnancy

by on November 16, 2014

An introduction to Gurudev – Upadhyaya Praveen Rishi – what inspired him to evolve a programme for couples who aspire for joyous parenting. Written by Pratibha Jain, this forms the PREFACE of Arham Pregnancy, a book for young couples who wish to bear a child:


His gaze was fixed on the peak of the Himalayas. That was the place that beckoned him, with its snowy valleys where many seekers had experienced ultimate truth. He had bid farewell to his loved ones and was all set to leave for his walk away from worldly existence when all of a sudden, he heard his Guru’s directive in the inner recesses of his mind. This changed the course of his life forever. Such was his dedication for his Guru that it filled his entire being. There was no space either to question or to find another option. He simply followed the command and with the image of his Guru etched in his heart, he walked back into the ocean of humanity to spread the message of compassion in the world, thereby augmenting a spiritual revolution.


Praveen Rishi

Upadhyaya Praveen Rishi ~ A Jaina Monk ~ Redefining Lives

Upadhyaya Shri Praveen Rishi – the disciple of Acharya Shri Anand Rishiji; a Jaina monk, a strategic thinker, a profound speaker, a seeker of truth, an intuitive meditator, and a nature lover. Born in Maharashtra in 1957, he embraced monkhood in 1974. Hidden behind the pranks of childhood and the rebellion of youth was a brilliant mind which the Guru recognized in the very first instant. The journey that unfolded was one of knowledge and sadhana, the description of which is enthralling in itself. Extreme spiritual practices, many successful camps on various topics in the course of many chaturmaas, lone meditation atop a hill near Indore for thirteen months, discourses on the Agamas and many activities to bring together the Jaina congregation – there is so much to mention, that one wonders where to begin and how to encapsulate such magnitude in a nutshell!


So, instead of traversing a lengthy path, let us move into that small bylane where he is with us, in our joys and sorrows, in our wavering thoughts, in our scattering emotions, and in our ethical dilemmas. In all of these, he is no less than a capable psychologist. Those hidden corners of our minds which we have not yet recognized, betray us and emerge before him with absolute transparency!


Gurudev Praveen Rishi most certainly has a deep connection with the teachings of the Agamas. The joy with which he offers an analysis and understanding of the aphorisms from these texts, the manner in which he organizes their causal relationships, the methodology of research with which he places powerful sadhanas for humanity to follow are no less convincing than the work of a scientist.


Such is Gurudev; a thinker, scientist, psychologist, philosopher and religious teacher; yet, if there is one word that can describe him the best, it is that he is a hermeneutician – one who offers a re-interpretation of religion.


The first time I realized this was when he stated in a discourse, “If you have to ever choose between religion, karmas and relationships, choose your relationships.” It was a strange statement, coming from a monk. I was bewildered and confused. But as time went by and I heard more of what he had to say, a deep sense of awe filled my being. It became more and more apparent that he was right. The sadhana that has to be undertaken in choosing relationships will automatically incorporate religion and karmas within its purview.


praveen rishi arham pregnancy

Evolving the Programme of Arham Pregnancy ~ Joyous Childbirth

It is this revolutionary dimension and scientific religiosity within him, coupled with decades of his own sadhana, that finds its culmination in Arham Pregnancy. Today thousands have joined Gurudev Praveen Rishi on this path and many successful experiments have taken place. The topic is vast and his knowledge about it is so intense that these pages have to be considered a mere introduction. This book is just a song of welcome to every couple, and every family that is desirous of spiritual enhancement for their future generations.


The time has come for us to accept some new concepts with conviction so that religion and worldly life can walk hand in hand. In every stage of life, from birth to death, we have to weave the tenets of religion into ourselves. And this is possible only when our religious teachers will aspire to become our life teachers. These are evolved souls who invest every moment in the worship of knowledge. They unite with the supreme force in a divine togetherness and spend every moment in nurturing that relationship. Who better than them to teach us to nurture our relationships? Who superior to them to steer our children on the path of true learning? A relationship is a relationship, whether it is of this world or divine. If we form true relationships in this world, then we will form them effortlessly in the celestial world as well. If we do not do so, then our familial, social and religious platforms will become even more shallow, and the situation even more grave.


This is the reason why I am joyous about this expedition of Gurudev – Arham Pregnancy. Who can know the process of birth more than he who has sacrificed his all to understand the mystery of birth and death? His thoughts and discoveries on this topic are priceless. That I have received the opportunity to transform them into the written word is an extraordinary page of my life, a divine station, an unparalleled experience. Gurudev calls this the journey of words, but for me this is an internal journey, as if one life within another. My eternal gratitude.


(By Pratibha Jain ~ As published in the Preface of Arham Pregnancy)

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hansa shah November 17, 2014 at 2:24 am

Wonderful! Proud to call him my gurudev!


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