The Greyest…Ghanshyam

by on August 28, 2013


Poems-Krishna Painting by Elise

Give me that greyest of gifts,
You ask me!
I quest between,
Black and white,
I battle with them,
My hands reach out,
To grasp the grey,
It escapes, it eludes,
Then slowly descends,
To envelope me,
Now neither the sorrow of the black nor,
Its dark depth,
Neither the hope of the white nor,
Its endless promise,
In that place I find,
Neither the cavernous black of yesterday,
Nor the beckoning white of tomorrow,
The grey emerges,
Filling me with its expanse,
Its unconditional gaze,
Its offering of no judgment,
And as much as I try,
To escape your search,
To spare you the word,
The gris perle,
The grey, the greyest, the gift,
I can’t help but surrender for,
The grey does not spare,
It envelopes, it holds,
It loves…it is love…
So surrender my sakhaa,
To your grey search,
For there can be no escape,
From your beloved,
The One of cloudy form.


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