Effect versus Impact ~ Saying Yes to Effect and No to Impact

by on October 10, 2012

We are forever looking into EFFECT VERSUS IMPACT: If I study, I shall pass. If I put in many hours of work, I will earn enough. If I love him, he will take care of me. We believe in the IF-THEN connection and speak with our children in its parallel language: If you don’t study, you will fail. If you don’t listen to me, you will suffer.


But do we realize that this cause-effect connection is a very small part of our reality! For most of the times, we are not guided by EFFECT, but by the IMPACT of things upon us. The best of decisions, the happiest of moments are those that go beyond the causal connection. That ‘special’ taste in an ordinary dal when cooked by grandma, that ‘aha’ feeling in the mind of a lover at sunset are impacts. For love is an impact, joy is an impact, the sense of wonder is an impact; and most of the times, we find ourselves looking only for these, however much we may claim otherwise.


“It is beyond the realms of causal connections that miracles and grace reside,” stated Gurudev Praveen Rishiji in an interesting conversation with Prof Godavarisha Mishra a few days ago. I was the fortunate one, the listener. And the words that flowed between them blew my mind. Meeting a wise one is in itself a blessing. And here were two speakers I admire intensely. I felt the impact and simply allowed joy to consume me.


And for a further insight into the two words, here is some wisdom from Google: “Impact does not indicate a consequence but implies the influence of an action. The usage of the word ‘impact’ implies ‘power’ whereas the usage of the word ‘effect’ implies ‘outcome’.”


effect versus impact

The effect is common to many, but impact is special to some. The cause will give rise to the effect, but a sense of wonder and willingness are pre-requisites for impact.

Why then do we hang on to the effect while greater joy awaits us!

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