Easy Composting with Khamba ~ No Odour, No Mess

by on February 23, 2016

Organic and eco-friendly may be the buzzwords today, but the key role in organic farming and eco-friendly environment, is played by none other than the humble compost!


Now if you think composting is messy and smelly, I have news for you!


I began composting about a month ago, and in this short span I am happy to champion the cause of composting. It all started for me with the khamba (3 layered mud pots) I bought from Navneeth, having been inspired by Daily Dump – Compost at Home.


Composting Khamba
This is how it looks 3 weeks down the line – reducing the garbage at home by 80%. So easy and simple, no smell, no mess. And looks far more beautiful than any garbage bin I have ever bought!


Composting with Khamba

Most of us are happy to be a part of the eco-friendly movement but without too much effort or turning it into a “cause celebre”. So if there is a no-fuss, simple and easy way, I am game. That’s exactly what I told my friend Aruna, in a fleeting conversation, on her recent visit to Chennai.


Aruna did not really believe that I was serious about composting. However, she began to look for related information and we zeroed in on www.dailydump.org. Aruna called the contact number listed on the site and that is how we first met Navneeth Raghavan.


Navneeth prefers to call herself a “clone”: a firm believer in the benefits of composting. She is proactive about it and also sells the khamba: a 3-layered mud pot in which the organic waste from the kitchen can be composted with ease.


Since I was unaware of how the khamba worked, we visited Navneeth to see the khamba in action. I wanted to ensure that it would be a simple and effective process, and not as time-consuming or being house-bound as is the case of keeping a pet. Navneeth said she appreciated my honesty and took me into her kitchen. Just outside her kitchen, in a small balcony, the khamba was kept, and I was amazed to hear that it was filled with the waste of past 3 months.


There was no odour at all. That was all I needed to be completely convinced! Navneeth promised to hand-hold through my initiation, offering to make it as easy as possible for me. She told me she was only a phone call away.


It’s a month since I have been composting, and I have not felt the need to nag Navneeth or subject her to any emergency calls. The few simple rules Navneeth prescribed, seem to work magic.


This is how it works ~ Some Simple Steps:

  1. Invest in a khamba: a 3-layered mud pot.
  2. Place it where it will remain protected from rain water.
  3. Learn how to segregate organic from inorganic waste.
  4. Never add liquid, water or anything which has liquid in it, to the waste. For instance, strain tea leaves well before adding them to the khamba.
  5. The top pot should be layered with newspaper and dry leaves.
  6. Start filling the pot with kitchen waste.
  7. Whenever you add the waste, throw in a fistful of remix powder (microbes + compost) provided along with the khamba.
  8. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat: everytime you have some organic waste to discard. Once in a while, gently mix the compost with a large plastic fork (also provided by them).
  9. You will be amazed at how a large quantity of garbage reduces into a compact pile. It’s been a month and my top-most pot is just about getting full.
  10. Once the top pot is full to the brim, exchange it with the middle pot, and when that is also full, use the lower pot.

Doing your bit for an eco-friendly environment can be really simple. Composting can divert kitchen waste from the garbage bin, it can be used as a natural alternative to harmful chemical fertilizers and best of all…it adds to your feel-good quotient! Go ahead, try it…


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