Dashing Couple Dynamic Views ~ Anita & Major Randhawa from Chandigarh

by on September 5, 2011


SoulMates Interviewed - Anita - Major Randhawa

It was a very interesting chat indeed with a dynamic, diametrically opposite in views, DASHING couple from Chandigarh, Major General (Retd.) G.S Randhawa (67) & his ever so young-in-spirit wife, Anita Randhawa (63). He is from Patiala while she is a Sardarni from Kashmir. While Major General Sahib is a calm, spiritual person, Anitaji is a fun-loving, full of beans grandmother who has an unbelievably ‘young’ relationship with her children & grand-children. He is an avid reader of scriptures & meditates diligently while she enjoys interior designing, playing cards & is a proud home-maker. Their son Abjit is a proficient polo player (like his father) & an entrepreneur while their daughter Shemain has inherited her mother’s creativity, and be it clothes, homes, shoes, she is always designing something for someone or herself.


J&P: Tell us how you met. Tell us about the romance.
He: After the war of 1965, my cousins & I went to Bareilly where I met Anita at a party at the Boat Club. We danced together till the wee hours and in the morning, I proposed to her.


She: He then went to my father and asked for my hand in marriage. He even played the mouth organ to impress my father!


He: We courted each other for the next 6-7 months and then we were married in Banbasa near Bareilly!


Love marriage

J&P: What was it that attracted each of you to the other?
She: He was a polo player, and a handsome army officer. Obviously, I was immediately attracted to him!


He: She was beautiful & charming, & still is! That night when we danced together, it was obvious that we shared a passion for western music & waltz. Some years later, we even won a prize as waltz dancers at a very prestigious club! By the way, Anita trained in Kathak too!


She: Oh that was long ago…when I was in college! In fact, I danced in front of Pundit Nehru too! But I gave it up & waltzed my way into his life instead ;).


J&P: That is so sweet! We heard that one of your friends once said that Anitaji is the sensual & Major General Sahib is the spiritual part of this marriage…and that together you have made a beautiful family. What are your views on love, marriage & commitment?
He: Marriage is a spiritual bonding of two souls. It is a beautiful institution – so take your vows & stick to them. But things are changing. Modern couples are so independent, that it probably makes them intolerant & impatient. We see so many divorces happening over frivolous issues.


She: It is important to adjust. We learnt that in our army life. Both of us may fight, disagree, be poles apart, yet love & mutual respect for each other is the greatest bond between us. I also think that people must find their own partners in life. It is always better that way – whatever turn the marriage may take. It is important to evolve & live each day like it is your last. And this is how we have lived our life together.


Interview with Elders

J&P: These are truly tips of commitment in a relationship. Tell us, do you have many disagreements?
She: We used to fight a lot earlier…now its just over silly little things. He was also more romantic & used to make such good wine, but now he only lectures me on health food & spirituality.


He: Food is important, but not as important as we all make it to be. We are here on earth to do our karmas, and the sooner we get spiritual, the better. Food is only a means for healthy life.


J&P: What are your favourite home-style foods? Do you enjoy similar cuisines?
She: Oh, we are very different in our taste for food! I love to cook veg & non veg food, mostly Kashmiri cuisine. I also like chilli hot food, south Indian food…well, I love GOOD FOOD! But he likes bland, health foods, salads, organic foods…


He: I’ve never bothered much about food. In the army we are trained to eat anything we get. I prefer vegetarian food and I believe that one must eat just enough & with thanks.


J&P: Any words of wisdom on home cooked food as against eating out?
She: When food is cooked at home and the family sits together to eat, it strengthens bonds, it is fresh & healthy food. After a busy day, there’s nothing better than a family dinner at home. I also believe that one should eat the food that one has grown up eating.


He: Eating out every other day is a sad trend these days, especially with the over-kill of junk food & fast food options available to people. It causes obesity & so many more health problems. Home food is the best and we MUST educate our children to eat simple meals, even when they have to eat out. And always eat in moderation.


She: He may say anything, but he still likes a few good dishes apart from his salads, for instance, my special Kashmiri Saag Methi Paneer which I am glad to share with you.


J&P: Thank you, it was lovely meeting you. Will surely enjoy making your saag methi paneer.


Photo Courtesy for 1st Pic: Harmony, Other pics shared by Shemain Thakur.


First published in Sep 2011 in Harmony – the Indian Magazine for elderly for the column – Soul Food and Soul Mates. Part-2 of this post is the delicious Kashmiri recipe of Saag Methi Paneer from the kitchen of Anita & Major Gen.Randhawa – the 3rd couple featured in this column.


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