Cooking At Home with Pedatha ~ Best Vegetarian Cookbook in the World 2006

Delicious recipes from Pedatha’s kitchen with time tested tips and amazing variations makes this book really special. COOKING AT HOME WITH PEDATHA, the tribute cookbook by Jigyasa & Pratibha which created new paradigms in Indian cookbook publishing with its equal emphasis on content, photography & layout. Published in Dec 2005, it is currently in seventh print.


INR 595 | USD 25.05 | 96 pages, all colour, HB | AUTHORS Jigyasa Giri & Pratibha Jain | DESIGN Envission & Kavitha Shivan | PHOTOGRAPHS Srivatsa Shandilya | PUBLISHERS Wisdom Tree | ISBN-13: 978-8183282994 | First Print Dec 2005. Now in 8th print.

Andhra Vegetarian CookbookWith the oral tradition of passing down home management skills having disappeared, this book bridges the gap between the generation past and the generation next. This book came into being following an innocuous comment made by Pedatha to the authors’ complement to her meal. “Anyone can cook that. It is so simple”.


Authentic Andhra RecipesAnd simple it is. The recipes are presented in an easy-to-follow format. Given to the minutest of details, yet presented in an informal way, the book is a treat to the novice as well as the veteran. Besides the traditional recipes, the excellent photography adds to the aesthetic appeal of the book.


Vegetarian varieties at their bestA passionate cook, Pedatha’s recipes were much sought after by friends and relatives for their authentic flavours and an old world charm. More than 60 mouth-watering recipes with tips & variations > Pachchadis–Chutneys > Podis–Powders > Annam–Rice > Koora–Vegetables > Pappu–Dals > Perugu–Yogurt > Theepi–Sweets.


Pachadis, Podis, Pulusus...Recipe Index “It started as an exercise to note down Pedatha’s recipes so that we could try them at home and replicate the magic of her cooking. But as we went along it became our heartfelt desire to show Pedatha how a ‘seemingly’ ordinary skill of hers was in truth a rare genius…and thus came about this book at the greatest speed possible”, say Jigyasa & Pratibha.


Magic of Curd in RiceThe presence of Pedatha pervades the pages of the book, making one feel as if grandma’s guiding one after all. With a tip here and a variant there she pops up with her culinary wisdom. With exoticism making way for tradition, it is time we rediscovered the traditional fare.


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