Chastity ~ From Lust to Love

“Just as the moon is unsurpassed and outshines the planets and stars, so also, of all the qualities, viz. modesty, chastity, penance, vows and others, chastity is the greatest. Chastity is supreme.” — Praśna Vyākaraṇa Sūtra 2.4.27


Upādhyāya Amar Muni was a revolutionary Jaina saint who taught how to lead a religious life without becoming dogmatic or rigid. He wrote books on all important religious topics and important Jaina vows. Many of his books have been translated into English. Yet another important addition in this series is “Chastity – From Lust to Love” – a book which will give you the key to making your marriage pure and joyous.


Chastity Book Translation by Pratibha Jain



172 pages, Paperback | First print Jan 2021 | Dimensions: 5*8 | Translator: Pratibha Jain | Publisher: Sugal Group | Rs. 250


About this Book

Translated by Pratibha Jain, “Chastity – From Lust to Love” is a perfect guide to the vow of chastity within the framework of a happy and fulfilling marital relationship. It is the English translation of the Hindi book titled “Brahmacarya Darśana” by Upādhyāya Amar Muni.


Brahmacarya, meaning chastity (also known as celibacy), is one of the five vows of Jainism. There are two ways of observing any vow: in a completely strict way or in a partial way. Being a pragmatic religion, Jainism offers this distinction because while ascetics can rigorously follow a vow, householders need a more lenient way. For them, the vow of chastity does not mean abstinence, but restraint. While ascetics observe complete chastity, married couples observe partial chastity by restraining their desire. This book shows us how couples can embrace the vow of chastity without compromising on their relationship.


This book is divided into three sections – discourses, principles and tools. The discourses in the first section are broad and pervasive with fresh and contemporary thoughts. In the principles section, brahmacarya is discussed from the point of view of physiology, psychology, philosophy, ethics, religion, and spirituality. The tools section sheds light on meditation, yoga, food and other ways to incorporate the principle of chastity in life.


Through the book, the original sutras from Jaina Āgamas and other religious literature offer a splendid authenticity.


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