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Who is a Saint ~ Spiritual Insights through Namaskāra Mantra

When we think of a saintly person, we imagine someone who is kind and compassionate, simple in his eating and dressing, truthful in speech and content with what little he has. This is what we search in our guru, our spiritual guide. But there are also fake God-men. What if there was a guidebook to help identify a venerable saint, a spiritual guru, irrespective of caste, creed and religion? This book is an answer to that quest. Rs. 99/-
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Chastity Book

Chastity ~ From Lust to Love

Translated by Pratibha Jain, “Chastity – From Lust to Love” is a perfect guide to the vow of brahmacarya as taught by Tirthankara Mahavira. It teaches married couples to practice restraint as the way to a happy and fulfilling relationship. Divided into three sections: discourses, principles and tools, it gives a complete understanding into observing the vow of chastity. It is the English translation of the Hindi book titled “Brahmacarya Darśana” by Upādhyāya Amar Muni. Rs. 250/-
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Ferryman Book

With the Ferryman ~ Your First Step to Jainism

Written by father-daughter duo Dulichand Jain and Pratibha Jain, this book is the perfect guide to the basics of Jainism. The teachings of the great seer – Tīrthaṅkara Mahāvīra – will show readers the way to a holistic life full of ultimate joy. The book’s Q&A format also makes it ideal for conducting quizzes with students in schools, colleges, shivirs and spiritual camps. Rs. 50/-
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Arham couple marriage book Pratibha Jain

Arham Couple (English)

“Arham Couple” is a 7-day training module for married couples created by Gurudev Upadhyaya Praveen Rishiji and compiled by Pratibha Jain & Priya Karnawat. This must-read book by a spiritual life coach, teaches you how to make your marriage blissful. It includes tips, practical exercises, and energy therapies you can do with your partner to find joy and harmony together. Rs 295/-
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Arham Dampati

Arham Dampati (Hindi)

रिश्ते निभाना एक कला है। आप सही सोच एवं साधना के बल पर अपने वैवाहिक रिश्ते की ऊर्जा को पवित्र कर सकते हैं। गुरुदेव उपाध्याय प्रवीण ऋषि ने सरल गतिविधियों, ऊर्जा प्रक्रियाओं और रिश्ते के तथ्यों का समावेश करके सुख और सम्पन्नता का सही मार्गदर्शन पेश किया है। प्रतिभा एवं प्रिया द्वारा संकलित ‘अर्हम दम्पति’ सभी दम्पतियों के लिए एक व्यावहारिक मार्गदर्शिका है। Rs. 295/-
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Vegetarian Cookbook with Indian Recipes

Cooking at Home with Pedatha

Winner of Best Vegetarian Cookbook in the World 2006, this coffee table book is co-authored by Jigyasa Giri & Pratibha Jain. It pays tribute to Mrs. Subhadra Rao Parigi, the eldest daughter of former President of India, Bharat Ratna Dr V.V. Giri. Lovingly called Pedatha, her Andhra recipes will fill your kitchen with grandmother’s flavours. Rs. 595/-
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Ayurvedic Cookbook with healthy recipes

Sukham Ayu ~ Ayurvedic cookbook

Winner of Best Health & Nutrition book in the World 2009 – Second Place, this beautiful coffee table book is co-authored by Jigyasa Giri & Pratibha Jain. The cookbook features recipes from the kitchen of Kare, an Ayurvedic retreat and rejuvenation centre near Pune. Enjoy these simple and delicious recipes and learn the basic principles of the great science of Ayurveda. Rs. 695/-
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Spiritual book for Blissful Pregnancy

Arham Pregnancy (English)

Evolved by Upadhyaya Praveen Rishi and compiled by Pratibha Jain, this beautifully illustrated book truly celebrates the miracle of birth. Garbhasadhana means spiritual practices for childbirth. This book outlines the complete process of childbirth, from conception to postnatal care. The programme has been implemented by hundreds of couples already, who have affirmed its positive effects. Rs. 400/-
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Arham Garbhasadhana

Arham Garbhasadhana (Hindi)

उपाध्याय प्रवर प्रवीण ऋषिजी की साधना की श्रृंखला में एक नई कड़ी का आविष्कार हुआ है, वह है अर्हम्‌ गर्भसाधना की अद्‌भुत आध्यात्मिक प्रक्रिया। माता-पिता और संतान के बीच एक आह्लादपूर्ण संबंध प्रस्थापित करना, गर्भधारण के पूर्व से ही इस रिश्ते का शिवद और सुखद एहसास करना, और मानव जन्म की दैविक अनुभूति ही अर्हम् गर्भसाधना का उद्देश्य है। संकलनकर्ता प्रतिभा जैन। Rs. 400/-
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Ashtamangal Meditation Book

As the Image Brightens ~ Ashtamangal Meditation

The brainchild of Gurudev Upadhyaya Praveen Rishiji, this meditation book is compiled by Naveen Galada & Pratibha Jain. It shows the way to enrich life with Ashtamangal Meditation, revealing the eight sacred symbols such as swastik and kalash. It also sheds light on their unique qualities and what makes them owerful symbols for meditation. Rs. 550; Now Rs 400.
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Collection of Indu Bokaria’s favourite recipes

Recipes from a Diary ~ Family Cookbook

Winner of Best Vegetarian Cookbook in the World 2016, Pratibha Jain plays curator to some fabulous family recipes and discovers the hidden culinary artist in Indu Bokaria. Indu’s penchant for cooking pan-Indian recipes, and especially creating myriad varieties of Sandesh, are documented for posterity. Rs. 450/-

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The Distilled Essence of Non-Violence

The Distilled Essence of Non-Violence

A translation of Gurudev Upadhyaya Amar Muni’s path-breaking book “Ahimsa Darshan” into English by Pratibha Jain. The keystone of Jaina teachings lies in non-violence, or ahimsa. This book offers a theoretical as well as pragmatic perspective to ahimsa. Today, when we receive news of violence every hour, this book offers us solace and solutions. It makes ahimsa a practical and true way of life. Rs. 200/-
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Jeevan Ka Utkarsh

Jeevan ka Utkarsh (Hindi) ~ Spiritual Reflections

A translation of Gurudev Chitrabhanu’s ‘Twelve Facets of Reality’ into Hindi by Pratibha Jain. Gain insight into some important reflections of life, like the transitory nature of life, the unprotected state of the soul in this world, and the cycle of karmic bondage. Twelve such reflections, known in Jainism as ‘barah bhavana’, elevate the individual to a higher realm. Rs 200/-
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Equanimity ~ The Jaina Path to Serenity

The translation of Part 1 of Upadhyaya Amar Muni’s ‘Samayika Sutra’ into English by Pratibha Jain. Transform your life by understanding the power of equanimity. A life-defining quality, it helps you find inner equilibrium in adverse circumstances, and be equable towards people who are friendly or hostile. This book explains how to maintain one’s balance at all times. Rs 200/-
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Samayika Sutra

The Samayik Sutra ~ Jaina Prayer

The translation of Part 2 of ‘Samayik Sutra’ into English by Pratibha Jain. ‘Samayika’ meaning equanimity, is observed as a daily prayer of 48 minutes by many Jains. The book gives detailed meaning and analysis of the verses of samayik, and lays emphasis upon the ritual of meditation. Rs 200/-

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Bliss ~ Jaina Path of Non-Possessiveness

A translation of Upadhyaya Amar Muni’s ‘Aparigraha Darshan’ into English by Pratibha Jain. This book will help you to understand the facets of possessiveness. The subtle difference between needs and desires, hoarding and utilising, possessions and possessiveness is highlighted. By knowing the differences, one can move towards contentment and maximising the resources in life. Rs 300/-
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Stories on compassion

Karuna ki Kathayen (Hindi) ~ Stories on Compassion

A Hindi translation of ‘Stories on Compassion’ by Pratibha Jain. Written for young children, this compilation of stories evoke kindness, love and intrigue for the animal kingdom in young minds. Published by Karuna International.


karadi Tales Junior Hindi translation

Karadi Tales ~ Books for Children

Translation of children’s stories and poems in the English-Hindi pair by Pratibha Jain. Some of the stories translated for Karadi Tales are: Bhondu kaagi, Lomdi aur gilahari, Dost machliyaan teen, Bolti gufa, and Bhukhad caterpillar.


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