Plantain Peel Curry ~ Bangladeshi recipe with Gauri Karmakar

September 15, 2014
Vegetarian Recipes

This recipe of plantain peel curry is from the villages of Bangladesh, says Smt. Gauri Karmakar, a great granny from Kolkata. Known as Kanchkolar Khoshar Ghonto in that region, it is a phrase that took me a little time to […]

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Enjoying Responsibility ~ Bangladeshi Granny Gauri Karmakar

September 15, 2014
Great Granny

Practical and diligent, and having a deep understanding of life, is how her grandchildren describe her. She is able to see life from their perspective which makes them reach out to her. Gauri Karmakar (75), a Bangladeshi great-granny residing in […]

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Kodubale with Sridharan ~ Fried snack from Karnataka

September 15, 2014
Kodubale ~ fried snack from Karnataka

There is something magical about featuring the first of any series – be it small or large! This is the first recipe to be featured in my new column ‘His Ladle Love’ at Harmony Magazine. So from now on, for […]

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Sweet Panchdhari and Spicy Besan ki Pakodi ~ Anandkawar Chowdhari

September 15, 2014
Panchdhari, Besan ki Pakodi

Panchdhari A halwa made with flour, gramflour, semolina and khoya; this is a much-loved traditional dish in the Chowdhari family. Smt. Anandkawarji says that it is prepared along with pakodis every year on the death anniversaries of her father-in-law and […]

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Aalyachi Wadi ~ Ginger Burfi with Sushila Gajanan Kulkarni

September 9, 2014
Aalyachi Wadi ~ Ginger Burfi with Sushila Gajanan Kulkarni

Aalyachi Wadi or Ginger Burfi is a simple and sumptuous sweet dish popularly prepared in winter months using ginger, known as Aalye in Marathi. A piece of this ginger burfi consumed before breakfast is much recommended since it aids digestion […]

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Slow Cooking ~ Mysore Iyengar Grandfather Sridharan

September 5, 2014
Kodubale vegetarian snack

Watching Mr. Sridharan lovingly drop every batch of kodubale into the hot oil, allowing them to turn golden brown was an unforgettable experience. He watched over each batch like a protective parent, as the kodubale sizzled, tossed, somersaulted and finally […]

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Peaceful Co-existence ~ Rajasthani Great Granny Anandkawar Chowdhari

September 4, 2014

Peaceful co-existence is the essence of life, says this Rajasthani great-granny from Chennai. Baiji is a darling, her granddaughter says. She is an absolute darling, her grand-daughter-in-law says. She has taken care of me during my sickness even more than […]

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Culturama Magazine ~ A Fine Balance

August 28, 2014

Culturama, the magazine for expatriates in Chennai, features an article by Pratibha Jain in the July 2014, Volume 5, Issue 5 titled ‘A Fine Balance’ with an Ayurvedic recipe from her cookbook ‘Sukham Ayu’. HERE IS A TRANSCRIPT OF THE […]

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Leftover Rice Recipe ~ Rice Paratha ~ Chawal ki Roti

July 25, 2014
Cooking with Leftovers - Rice Paratha

Leftover Rice transformed into Rice Paratha! This is the first suggestion that will be given by all my aunts, grandmothers, mother and mom-in-law whenever there is leftover rice! I guess it’s a very Rajasthani thing to do. Popularly known as […]

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Serene Courage ~ Maharshtrian Great Granny Sushila Kulkarni

July 15, 2014
Serene Courage ~ Maharshtrian Great Granny Sushila Kulkarni

Serene Courage is how I remember this great granny from Nashik. At 85, her skin is as radiant as that of a young girl. Her serene gaze misses nothing and her warm demeanour draws people to her instantly. It is […]

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अशरण भावना ~ Unprotectedness ~ 2nd Reflection for Peace & Joy

July 7, 2014
Inner Protection, inner peace

We must come to terms with our unprotectedness, known as Asharana Bhavana. As a habit, we keep looking for external protection, for someone to be our saviour. We feel secure when we believe that someone is taking care of us. […]

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Hare Matar ki Chaat with My Gifted Friend ~ Designer Sharmila Bajoria

June 30, 2014
Matar ki chaat with fresh peas

There are some people who can transform the way you look, thereby giving you the confidence to step out into the world with a bounce in your step. To me, my friend and dress designer Sharmila Bajoria is one such […]

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अनित्य भावना ‍~ Impermanence ~ 1st Reflection for Peace & Joy

June 24, 2014
Anitya Bhavana ~ Impermanence of Jainism

This parable sheds light on the Impermanence of Life, or Anitya Bhavana, as explained by the Jaina seers. The ardent seeker must contemplate upon this truth to grasp life in its myriad changes. An extract from “Jeevan ka Utkarsh” by […]

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Mangalorean Pumpkin Curry ~ Spicy Flavours with Great Granny Henrietta

May 15, 2014
Bliss – a book about the power of non-possessiveness; cultivating contentment.

Known as Kuvalyacho Pollav in Konkani, Pumpkin Curry is a typical dish in Mangalore where coconut is used generously. This is a family recipe shared by Henrietta Colaco, a great-granny residing in Bangalore. Like most grandmother recipes, this one also […]

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Joy and Serenity in the Moment ~ Christian Great Granny Henrietta Colaco

May 5, 2014
Intreview - Serene Grandmother from Bangalore

Serenity is her middle name. Her simple, affectionate smile envelops strangers and friends alike. Mrs. Henrietta Colaco, aka Hetty, an 87-year-old Christian great-grandmother now residing in Bangalore, is mother of four, grandmother of six, and great-granny of five. We met […]

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Makai Khichdi ~ Gujarati Snack with Tender Corn ~ Saroj Ben Desai

April 5, 2014
Makai Khichdi - Gujarati Snack from Great Granny Saroj Ben

Makai Khichdi, also known as Makai Chivda, is a popular dish in many Gujarati homes. Rich with spicy and sweet flavours, which is very typical of Gujarati cuisine. This vegetarian snack tastes excellent when prepared with seasonal tender corn. Recipe […]

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Perfect Rapport with Daughter-in-law ~ Gujarati Great Granny Saroj Ben Desai

April 5, 2014
Samayika Sutra - Finding Inner Balance & Peace [Translation by Pratibha Jain]

To remain equally cheerful in the peak of health and comfort as well as in times of old age and sickness is surely a sign of equanimity within. ‘Sweet smiling’ is the phrase that comes to one’s mind as soon […]

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Sindhi Kadhi with Tomato Gravy ~ Vegetarian Recipe with Bhagwanthi Nagpal

March 15, 2014
Sindhi Kadhi

Kadhi is usually made with yogurt (curd), but I was surprised to learn that the main ingredient of Sindhi Kadhi is tomatoes. Bhagwanthiji, a great-granny from Chennai who shared this recipe, says that the correct way to eat this kadhi […]

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Vegetarian by Choice from Childhood ~ Sindhi Great Granny Bhagwanthi Nagpal

March 5, 2014
Bhagwathi Nagpal01

At the tender age of eight, she decided to become a vegetarian for life. Serene-faced and compassionate, she is now a mother of 5, grandmother of 12, and great-grandmother of 10, and enjoys interacting across generations. Bhagwanthiji Nagpal (79), a […]

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Batata Saasam ~ Potato Sabzi ~ Saraswat Recipe with Meera Savoor

February 15, 2014
Batata Sasam

A SARASWAT recipe, Saasam, meaning mustard seeds in konkani, is a side-dish with many variations prepared by tossing vegetables, and also fruits, in a coconut-mustard dressing. This is a popular dish of the Saraswat cuisine.   Ingredients: Potatoes – ¼ […]

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