Today and Hereafter ~ Sallekhana Specialist Tara Dakliya, Jalgaon

December 5, 2016
Tara Dakliya

I have known of people competent in arts and crafts, people who specialise in their professions, but this was something I was hearing for the first time! Eighty year-old Tara Dakliya is a Sallekhana specialist, known in the Jain community […]

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Paduvalakai Palida ~ Snakegourd Curry with Chandri Bhat

November 15, 2016
Snake-gourd yoghurt curry

A signature recipe from Chandri Bhat’s cookbook titled Kitchen Nostalgia, this light and healthy dish from Karnataka is a fusion of raita and curry. Known as paduvalakai palida, it is snakegourd curry in coconut and yoghurt gravy.   Ingredients: 400 […]

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Chandri Bhat ~ Culinary Connoisseur, Consultant & Cookbook Author

November 5, 2016
Chandri Bhat

The lanes of her life seem to have gently meandered towards culinary excellence. Almost as if she was destined to find her life’s calling and joy in food! This 60-year old food connoisseur, researcher and cookery expert needs no introduction… […]

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Potol Posto ~ Bengali Pointed Gourd Sabzi with Rita Barua

October 15, 2016

Known as potol in Bengali and parwal in Hindi, pointed gourd is delicious when it is tender. Cooked in a gravy of coconut and poppy seeds in this recipe, it is a family favourite at Rita Barua’s home, this is […]

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Beyond Class & Caste ~ Bengali Granny Rita Barua

October 5, 2016

I went expecting some delicious Bengali vegetarian recipes and an interesting conversation. But when I left, I carried back an experience that was so poignant and unexpected—of seeing a family where caste and class distinction have been erased, paving the […]

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Moth ki Sabzi ~ Sattvic Cooking with Sumitra Toliya

September 15, 2016
Moth ki Sabzi

Moth beans are a favourite among Marwari and Gujarati communities. They look similar to mung beans but are smaller and golden brown in colour. Tasty and healthy, these are used for making vada and chilla as well. Here is a […]

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Spiritual Departure with Sallekhana ॐ Mainadevi Pincha

September 13, 2016
Santhara Sallekhana

My Badi Ma – my father’s elder brother’s wife – passed away in Santhara at the age of 87. There is no greater way to depart from this world. As Jains, we are taught to celebrate the arrival of death […]

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Harmony of Flavours ~ Gujarati Couple Sumitra & Pratapkumar Toliya

September 5, 2016
Sumitra & Pratap Toliya

Way back in 1974, the Jain community was astounded by the release of two audio clips of the Bhaktamar Stotra and Atma Siddhi Shastra. The music was soulful and the voices mesmerising. Steeped in devotion and spirituality, these LP records […]

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Rajasthani Pitla ~ Quick Besan Curry with Chandra Kataria

August 15, 2016
Rajasthani Pitla

A quick side-dish made with besan (gram flour), Rajasthani Pitla is a popular recipe from the desert state of Rajasthan and the ultimate comfort food. This recipe was shared by Chandra Kataria, a beautiful Rajasthani and an impeccable hostess living […]

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From Personal to Universal, Emotional to Spiritual

August 7, 2016
Jaina Guru Praveen Rishi Chennai

When a friend sent me a photo of Gurudev, I felt choked with emotion. The subject of the email “His Holiness with his ‘samsaari’ mother and sister” stirred something deep within me.   Looking at Gurudev, it is hard to […]

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Family First ~ Rajasthani Couple Chandra & Mahavir Kataria

August 5, 2016
Chandra Mahavir

Ever since I have known them, the Kataria family has been an exemplary model of togetherness. Despite having moved into independent homes, they are still bound by a common thread of love and affection. Indeed a rarity in today’s day […]

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Spiced Drumstick Curry ~ From Surya Kantham’s Kitchen

July 15, 2016
Drumstick Curry

This is a homestyle drumstick curry in coconut paste from the regions of Behrampur and Rourkela on the border of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. Mrs Kantham learnt this delicious dish from her mother. Healthy and easy to prepare, its consistency […]

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Pointed Gourd & Potato Curry ~ Tribute Recipe by Jigyasa

July 10, 2016
Pointed gourd and potato masala curry

In this post, Mrs. Surya Kantham shares her favourite recipe using pointed gourd and potatoes with Jigyasa Giri. In Odisha where she lived as a young girl, pointed gourd (parwal) is known as Potol. A family favourite, Mrs. Kantham says […]

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Song of Flavours ~ Andhra Grandmother Surya Kantham

July 5, 2016
Vintage photos

A long chat with G S Kantham, 72, reveals the zest and serenity with which she leads her life. Going down memory lane, she talks about her childhood, her passion for music, her talent in the kitchen and much more. […]

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Poha Dosa with Fenugreek Stew ~ From Sita Kolluru’s Kitchen

June 15, 2016
Poha Dosa and Fenugreek Stew

Known as Atukulu Pongaraalu in Andhra, this poha dosa is delicious. Made with flattened rice, known as Poha in North India and Atukulu in Telugu, it is a specialty of Andhra Pradesh. Follow the recipe and you will get very […]

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A Student for Life ~ Sita Kolluru’s Avid Interests

June 5, 2016
Sita Kolluru

“I don’t have any tall claims. I know a little bit of cooking, a little bit of computerization and a little bit of documentation,” says Sita Kolluru. It is her age which makes these words extraordinary. At 78, Mrs. Sita […]

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Raw Mango Pachchadi ~ Kerala Chutney with Geeta Nair

May 15, 2016
Raw Mango Pachchadi Geeta Nair

A delicious dip with raw mangoes, fresh yoghurt and coconut paste, this is unusual and unique to Kerala cuisine. Taught by Geeta Nair, raw mango pachchadi has a combination of ingredients which makes it cooling in summers.   Ingredients: 1 […]

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Tomato Pachchadi ~ Kerala Delicacy with Geeta Nair

May 10, 2016
Tomato Pachchadi Geeta Nair

A wholesome gravy with tomatoes, the special ingredient in tomato pachchadi is the crushed mustard seeds that lend a unique flavour. Much loved in Geeta Nair’s home as in most Kerala homes, this is simple and easy to make.   […]

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Zest for Life ~ Finding Joy with Geeta Nair

May 5, 2016
Geeta Nair

There are endless recipes and endless experiments. Open the refrigerator and allow your imagination a free hand—this is what Geeta Nair, a 60 year-old Keralite from Chennai, believes in. “I love all things and dislike nothing,” she says with a […]

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No Oil Lemon Pickle ~ Elumichai Oorugai with Lakshmi Subramaniam

April 15, 2016
Not allowed to use the image without Photographers permission.

A simple and healthy pickle with fresh lemons, here is a recipe from Lakshmi Subramaniam’s kitchen. An excellent accompaniment to a meal, this pickle does not require any oil or tempering. Its special tip is in using coarse chilli powder. […]

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