Traditional Andhra Meal

Ever since Cooking at Home with Pedatha happened, my gift to Pranav, my younger brother, on his birthday is an Andhra meal from this cookbook. This was how we celebrated his special day yesterday as well. His love for the […]


Mustard Rice

Mustard SEED Rice known as Kadugu Chithra Annam in Telugu, is a traditional rice dish with a rich texture. Combines the sweetness of coconut, bitterness of mustard and tanginess of lemon. This recipe has been shared by Shanta Kumari, a […]

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Melon seed

  Melon Seed Rice (Dosa Vithulu Annam) Shantaji, a great-grandma from Chennai reminisces about the rice dishes cooked during the month of Marghazhi. Traditionally, women woke up before dawn and prepared a different rice dish every day during this month. […]


Shanta Kumari - Telugu Grandmother

  As the strains of the Carnatic song “Vara veena mridu paani” played on the keys of the grand piano filled the air, I stood mesmerized looking at this beautiful and radiant great-grandmother whose fingers glided over the keys. Her […]


Matar Ka Parantha

My first memory of Paratha, or parantha as the Punjabis call it, is way back in my 3rd Std when we moved to Punjab. Right there, in front of our house, sat a woman every morning with her bhatti, or […]


Eco Habitat Stay at Coorg

There was much that has captured our hearts in the 3 day stay at Eco Habitat, a serene space in the Kushalnagar area of Coorg in South India. Where food is an act of joyous nurturing, where the hosts are […]


Radha Rani Mehra Grandmother

I am happy enough to learn recipes that are three decades old, but never ever imagined that one day I would actually see a pickle that was prepared more than three decades ago. I checked more than a dozen times […]


Lord Mahavira of Jainism

(This article written by my father, Mr Dulichand Jain, and myself was published in the Vivekananda Kendra Patrika, Vol 31, Year 2002. Republished on this site on the occasion of Mahavira Jayanti.)   Who is a wanderer? The spirit, which […]


Maharshtrian Wadi Che Sambar

Dumplings made with lentils and spices, known as Wadi or Mungodi in North India, have many variations in Indian cuisine – specific to state, region or even family. They are often dried and preserved to be used in vegetables, dals […]


Pushpa Deshmukh - Maharashtrian Great Granny

What makes Smt Pushpa Deshmukh, 75, remarkable is a clear awareness of her own potential and the courage to speak about life honestly. Without resorting to emotional excess or self-pity, she speaks in her Maharashtrian-Hindi dialect about the things that […]


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