Her Heart Smiles, His Mind Guides ~ Tamilian Couple ChitVish

August 5, 2012
Interview of Culinary expert Chithra - Viswanathan

She listens to her heart while he obeys his mind, she is friendly and energetic while he is reticent and serious, she connects instantly with people while he is happier by himself; she finds joy in the kitchen while he […]

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Maharashtrian Khakra Recipe ~ Patience & Skill with Ina Talpade

July 15, 2012
Maharasthrian Khakra Recipe

Khakras or crisp rotis are a popular preparation of Gujarat, but in this post, we bring to you the traditional Maharashtrian Khakra recipe as taught to us by Ina Talpade. Her family belongs to the Pathare Prabhu community of Maharashtra, […]

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Harmony & Affinity Prevail ~ Maharshtrian Couple Ina & Bholanath Talpade

July 6, 2012
Interview with Ina-Bholanath Talpade

Mr. Bholanath Talpade (77) showed us around the house filled with craftwork made by his wife Ina Talpade (75) – patchwork on bedspreads, embroidered sheets and saris, a magazine in which her recipes have been featured and a book with […]

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Methi bhaji ane Kela nu Shaak ~ Gujarati Recipe with Plantains and Fenugreek Greens by Bankers

May 15, 2012
Methi bhaji - Kela nu Shaak

Continued from the interview with Gita & Deepak Banker. Walking up to a shelf of books, Deepak pulls out an old note book. He opens each page fondly, gently moving his palm over his mother’s withered hand writing in Gujarati. […]

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The Mother’s I ~ My Evolution as a Mother

May 13, 2012

I now stand on the verge of the big, dark question.   Tell me, my dear, is it possible, that I may stop looking at you as a responsibility so that I may not feel tied down?   Tell me, […]

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Perfect Niche in Life ~ Gujarati Couple Gita & Deepak Banker

May 5, 2012
Amazing couple Gita - Deepak Banker

  Successful industrialist, former President of FICCI, Deepak Banker (77 ) is an enigmatic personality in Chennai business and social circles. His wife Gita Banker (72), soft spoken, striking and suave is the perfect partner for this handsome man and […]

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Gatte Ki Sabzi ~ Rajasthani Specialty Side Dish with Sushil Rathore

April 15, 2012
Gatte ki sabzi - Soulfood recipes

  When one mentions Rajasthan, images of deserts, camels and havelis conjure in the mind along with its specialty cuisine. Among the vegetarian dishes, Baati, Ker Sangri & Gatta are definitely some top favourites. Gatte is a term used for […]

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Carrying Lineage with Pride & Responsibility ~ Sushil & Col. Uday Singh Rathore

April 5, 2012
Rajasthani Pride in Col Uday Singh

  Dressed in typical Rajasthani costume, Col. Uday Singh (58) and his wife Sushil Rathore (52) redefine the notion of fashion! Intelligent, purposeful and dynamic, they are Rajputs exuding rare pride and respect towards their historicity. Carrying lineage with pride […]

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Healthy Tomato Soup ~ Flavoursome Recipe from Dr. Gita Arjun’s Kitchen

March 15, 2012
Tomato Soup Soulfood Recipes

In our interview with Dr Gita & Dr Arjun, they shared how they balance their professional and personal lives, without compromising on the quality of either one. It is the zest for perfection that simply weaves magic into the matrix […]

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Personal & Professional Compatibility ~ Tamilian Doctors Gita & Arjun Rajagopalan

March 5, 2012
Ideal couple Gita ~ Arjun Rajagopalan

As we spoke with them, we felt theirs was a marriage that may have been conspired by the heavens, but got crystallized on this earth. Here are two people who believe in individuality & togetherness, and represent love, commitment & […]

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Rose Petal Sandesh ~ Popular Paneer Mithai with Grandmother Champa Kanoria

February 15, 2012
Rose petal Sandesh

A popular DESSERT from Kolkata, Sandesh is healthy, tasty & versatile there is no end to its creative modifications & combinations. This PANEER MITHAI combines well with many seasonal fruits – apple sandesh, mango sandesh, orange sandesh & pineapple sandesh […]

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Nurturing Family & Society ~ Maheshwari Couple Champa & Hariprasad Kanoria

February 5, 2012
Philanthropist couple from Kolkata - Champa -Hariprasad Kanoria

To see for ourselves a couple who have the intrinsic capacity to nurture their entire family. Champa (69) and Hariprasad Kanoria (72) – a Rajasthani couple who have settled in Kolkata. Deeply spiritual and nurturing, romantic and hospitable, well loved […]

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Jeevan Saagar ~ जीवन सागर

January 23, 2012
jeevan saagar

  सागर की लहरें अनगिनत मतवाली नखराली बाँवरी लहरें एक साथ बहती साथ ही उछलती मैं तट पर पलकें बिछाकर स्वागत में खड़ी बाट जोवती लहरें भी कूदती खिलखिलाती अपने ही सुर साज में मटकती मुझे छूकर छेड़कर लौट जाती […]

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Aloo Pyaaz Sabzi and Tikkad ~ Rich Rajasthani Recipes with Neeta Lodha

January 15, 2012
Aloo pyaz subzi

A perfect homemaker, a lovely hostess and a beautiful woman, there was much to learn from Mrs. Neeta Lodha. She also shared with us some of her favourite Rajasthani recipes while we enjoyed a wholesome meal at her Haveli in […]

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Romance & Rajasthani Hospitality ~ Neeta & Sumthimal Lodha

January 5, 2012
Hospitable couple Neeta - Sumthimal Lodha

  As you enter the city of Ajmer, you can ask anyone where the Lodha Haveli is, and you will be instantly guided to the 150-year-old haveli whose occupants are as well known as the haveli in which they reside. […]

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Saibhaji ~ The Weekend Sindhi Vegetable Medley with Jaya Mahbubani

December 15, 2011

A popular Sindhi VEGETABLE dish that is easy to prepare & flexible since many of the ingredients are optional and can be easily substituted. In many Sindhi homes, this is often prepared during weekends since it is a good way […]

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Love that Grows & Matures ~ Sindhi Couple Jaya & Narain Mahbubani

December 5, 2011
Post of Jaya & Narain Mahbubani

This was one fun couple…she with her dry, casual humour, enthusiastic to chat, and he, reticent, allowing her to do all the talking with his eyes so honest & very much in love with her. Jaya (56) & Narain Mahbubani […]

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Kurukku Kaalan ~ Popular Kerala Recipe by Ammini Ramachandran

November 15, 2011
Kurukku Kaalan (Kerala Kadhi)

In the tropical heat of South India, milk and milk products are highly perishable. Before the days of refrigeration, the only way to use leftover milk was to ferment it daily to make yoghurt. Yoghurt was churned in the morning […]

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Penchant for Methodology ~ Ammini & Rama Ramachandran from Kerala

November 5, 2011
Soulfood Soulmates Interview -ammini-ramachandran

Like the peeling of an onion, the conversation with Ammini (67) & Rama Ramachandran (76) slowly unfolded to reveal fascinating aspects of a life lived together. Originally from Kerala, they have lived in USA since 1970 and have 2 sons. […]

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Coconut Dal Rice & Devil Chutney ~ Christian Recipe with Merle Dodhia

October 15, 2011
Coconut dal rice and devil chutney

  Coconut Dal Rice This Christian recipe of coconut rice is a Goan dish cooked in coconut milk. The bengal gram adds crunchiness and an interesting texture. Easy to prepare, this is a family favourite at Merle Dodhia’s house. She learnt […]

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