Jain Valley JISL Jalgaon sculpure

Had the most INSPIRATIONAL visit to Jain Valley, Jalgaon, Maharashtra with my co-sisters. The credit goes to VISIONARY entrepreneur Padmashri Bhavarlalji Jain (1937-2016), who was the founding chairman of Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. (JISL). Currently the second largest micro-irrigation company […]


Sunanda Jain tribute recipes

This post is about my lovely childhood friend Sunanda Jain and her signature dish – Rajasthani Khoba Rotis.   Standing together in my kitchen this past Sunday, we counted the many blessings of our friendship. Sunanda skillfully prepared these Khoba Rotis […]


Nalini Deshpande

I first heard her singing at her daughter’s mehendi ceremony. Her voice had that perfect harmony of melody and mood. The listeners had no choice but to shout ‘once more’, again and again. Later, I was surprised to find out […]


forgiveness michchhami dukkadam

Wonderful surprise seeing so many of our non-Jain friends celebrating Forgiveness Day by sharing this powerful phrase – “Michchhami Dukkadam.” It leads me to wonder how many actually understand the meaning behind this catchphrase. This question is what prompted me […]


Santhara Sallekhana

My Badi Ma – my father’s elder brother’s wife – passed away in Santhara at the age of 87. There is no greater way to depart from this world. As Jains, we are taught to celebrate the arrival of death […]


Jaina Guru Praveen Rishi Chennai

When a friend sent me a photo of Gurudev, I felt choked with emotion. The subject of the email “His Holiness with his ‘samsaari’ mother and sister” stirred something deep within me.   Looking at Gurudev, it is hard to […]


Composting Khamba

Organic and eco-friendly may be the buzzwords today, but the key role in organic farming and eco-friendly environment, is played by none other than the humble compost!   Now if you think composting is messy and smelly, I have news […]


Pachrangi Sabzi

“Maan-manuhaar (meaning hospitality) is very important. We love it when all our near and dear ones come over for a meal. We have large family and friend circles. Festivals are an occasion to celebrate together,” says Lalitha Bhandari. Pachrangi Sabzi […]


Lalitha & Mahaveerchand Bhandari

What does it take to keep a joint family together? Is it easy to create a sense of space as well as togetherness? How does one foster interdependence as well as dependability among the family members? Is it about sacrifice? […]


Organic wheat kheer

Prepared with organic wheat which Deepak Jatkar grows in his own farm, here is a healthy and delicious Indian mithai. As he said in his interview on organic farming, “Gehun ki kheer or wheat kheer is a sweet dish. We […]

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