Poha Dosa and Fenugreek Stew

Known as Atukulu Pongaraalu in Andhra, this poha dosa is delicious. Made with flattened rice, known as Poha in North India and Atukulu in Telugu, it is a specialty of Andhra Pradesh. Follow the recipe and you will get very […]


Samsara bhavana Jainism reflections

“Among the twelve reflections taught in Jainism, the 3rd reflection is called samsara. This means to move constantly up and down, down and up, in rhythmical motion like a Ferris wheel. When a person is motivated by greed for pleasure […]


sukham ayu buttermilk

Buttermilk…the Sukham cooler we relish in Chennai throughout the year. The Ayurvedic texts recommend it as an after meal drink, also known as anupana. Buttermilk or takra, which is diluted and churned yogurt, is considered an ideal anupana after lunch. […]


Jain Valley JISL Jalgaon sculpure

Had the most INSPIRATIONAL visit to Jain Valley, Jalgaon, Maharashtra with my co-sisters. The credit goes to VISIONARY entrepreneur Padmashri Bhavarlalji Jain (1937-2016), who was the founding chairman of Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. (JISL). Currently the second largest micro-irrigation company […]


Curry leaves sambar healthy recipe

An unusual and delicious recipe from the kitchen of the popular cookbook author, Chandra Padmanabhan. In this traditional Karvepillai kuzhambu, the curry leaves is ground with the rest of the spices thus enhancing the flavor as well as retaining all […]


Cookbook author Chandra padmanabhan interview

It was back in 1992, when I received a birthday gift that sparked my interest in South Indian cooking. It was Chandra Padmanabhan’s Dakshin, which went on to become a bestseller among cookbooks. I tried one recipe after another, and […]


Sunanda Jain tribute recipes

This post is about my lovely childhood friend Sunanda Jain and her signature dish – Rajasthani Khoba Rotis.   Standing together in my kitchen this past Sunday, we counted the many blessings of our friendship. Sunanda skillfully prepared these Khoba Rotis […]


Masala Vadai

Sundari Ganesan’s deep love for experimentation can be seen in this delicious recipe of instant vadai. It is such a family favourite that she always keeps a bottle of powdered roasted gram (daaliya in Hindi, udacha kadalai in Tamil) in […]



“I enjoy learning and experimenting,” she says. It is a simple mantra that reflects her zest for life and keeps her young at heart. For Sundari Ganesan, a TamBram living in Mumbai, variety is truly the spice of life. With […]


forgiveness michchhami dukkadam

Wonderful surprise seeing so many of our non-Jain friends celebrating Forgiveness Day by sharing this powerful phrase – “Michchhami Dukkadam.” It leads me to wonder how many actually understand the meaning behind this catchphrase. This question is what prompted me […]


Mango Peel Sabzi ~ From Sunanda Pokarna’s Kitchen

August 15, 2017
Mango Peel Sabzi

A side-dish with peels of ripe mangoes, this is an unusual creation from the kitchen of Sunanda & Surendra Singh Pokarna, a Rajasthani couple from Ahmedabad. Sunandaji says that the kesar variety of mangoes is the most popular in Ahmedabad. […]

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Domestic Jugalbandi ~ Sunanda & Surendra Singh Pokharna

August 5, 2017
Sunandaji & Surendra Singh Pokharna

Last month, I received an SMS from my sister-in-law Indu Chordia: “Come home, I want you to meet a very special couple and yes, be prepared to speak in pure Rajasthani.” I laughed to myself but agreed. Even though I […]

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Healthy Kabuli ~ Layered Rice and Vegetables with Sudha Nahata

July 15, 2017
Vegetarian kabuli pulav recipe

A rich and famous rice dish from Jodhpur, Kabuli is a favourite at celebrations and weddings. It is highly possible that this dish is the vegetarian version of Qabili Pulav, the national dish of Kabul. Though the original recipe requires […]

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Ingredients of Success ~ Graceful Rajasthani Sudha Nahata

July 5, 2017
Talented Rajasthani Sudha Nahata

Whether it is special vegetables like chakki ka saag and pachkuta or rice dishes like kabuli pulao, she grew up seeing her mother and grandmother mix the masalas themselves even though the kitchen was the cook’s domain. Indeed, 71 year-old […]

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Sanskrit Film Ishti ~ Meeting the Director G.Prabha

April 20, 2017
Ishti – the Sanskrit film

Sanskrit and film don’t often go together—whereas film is a medium of communication used to reach the masses, the ancient language of Sanskrit is viewed as the preserve of a privileged few. So when Sanskrit professor Dr G Prabha, 60, […]

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Jimikand Matar ki Sabzi ~ From Champa & Brij Bhushan’s Kitchen

March 15, 2017
Jimikand Matar ki Sabzi

A favourite at Champa & Brij Bhushan’s home, this sabzi is made with elephant yam (jimikand) and fresh peas (matar). Brij says one of his cravings is to eat this in India where it is freely available. It has been […]

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Added Spice to Life ~ Champa & Brij Bhushan

March 5, 2017
Champa & Brij Bhushan

They have both been engineering students, they have both been teachers, and they have also worked together in their own company. Their common interests extend further—to travelling, gardening and cooking. When they speak, you hardly notice when one stops and […]

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Bharwan Besan Ki Mirch ~ Stuffed Chillies with Kamini Agarwal

January 15, 2017
Bharwan besan ki mirch

In Uttar Pradesh, a common meal is steamed rice with dal (arhar ki dal) along with any sabzi. A favourite in Kamini Agarwal’s family is stuffed chillies with dal and rice. Known as Bharwan besan ki mirch, these stuffed chillies […]

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Inspiration & Zeal ~ Varied Interests of Kamini Agarwal

January 5, 2017

She composes poetry on instant demand at weddings and get-togethers; she dances with a grace that defies her age; she sings melodiously (the ghazals she has performed for All India Radio are proof enough); she has performed in front of […]

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Paduvalakai Palida ~ Snakegourd Curry with Chandri Bhat

November 15, 2016
Snake-gourd yoghurt curry

A signature recipe from Chandri Bhat’s cookbook titled Kitchen Nostalgia, this light and healthy dish from Karnataka is a fusion of raita and curry. Known as paduvalakai palida, it is snakegourd curry in coconut and yoghurt gravy.   Ingredients: 400 […]

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