Arham Pregnancy (English) ~ Path to Joyous Childbirth

An excellent guide for experiencing divinity in pregnancy & childbirth | Enjoying a special relationship with the baby in the womb | Inspired from the teachings and insights of Upadhyaya Praveen Rishi, a Master who has devoted his life to creating programmes for wellbeing in every aspect of our lives.


Arham Pregnancy – A Book on Divinity in Pregnancy


All-colour, 150 pages, Hardbound | First print Aug 2014 | Dimensions: 8*8 | Designed by Anitha VB, New Delhi & Kavitha Shivan, London | Illustrations: Elise Collet Sovarito, Paris | Photography: Srivatsa Shandilya, Bangalore | Compiled and Translated by Dr. Pratibha Jain


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Celebrating the miracle of human birth and establishing a joyous parent-child relationship is the goal of Arham Pregnancy. It is a complete process of childbirth expounded by Upadhyaya Praveen Rishi, a Jaina monk. Based on the insights derived from the Agamas, Gurudev has evolved a systematic process for parents who wish to bear a child. This has now been tried and tested by hundreds of couples in the past few years who have affirmed the positive effect of this sadhana. Importantly, every step of the process is a testimony to the Agamas which lends it credibility and integrity.
The sadhanas outlined in Arham Pregnancy are simple and powerful, and can be undertaken by anyone: young or old, jains or non-jains. They are not based on religious dogmatism but on spiritual insights which transcend time and space, and caste and creed.


Prologue of the book

The prologue of the book contains 4 articles:

Article 1 ~ With Gurudev – A Journey of Words

An introduction about Upadhyaya Praveen Rishi, the visionary of Arham Pregnancy.

Article 2 ~ Welcoming the Epoch-Hero

Introduction to the concept of Arham Pregnancy. Written by Gurudev Praveen Rishi, it explains how well-being during conception and pregnancy is integral to the vision of giving birth to a child who will be a boon to mankind.

Article 3 ~ An Aspiration for Divine Parenthood

Aims to instil in the mind of every expectant parent a desire to experience divinity in pregnancy, or the magic of parenthood. Once such an aspiration builds in the mind, their willingness to learn and practise the sadhanas simply builds up.

Article 4 ~ Dreams – A Blessing

Sheds light on the connection of dreams and conception. When a woman conceives, her dreams become the indicators about the child in her womb. In the Agamas, we can read vivid descriptions of dreams seen by mothers who gave birth to extraordinary children. Thus we come across the notion of ordinary dreams and extraordinary dreams. With this insight, every chapter in the book is preceded by an exquisite illustration of one of the extraordinary dreams seen by the mother of Lord Mahavira.

Main Chapters

Main content of the book

The book is divided into fifteen following chapters:

1) The Decision of Birth

Demystifies the relationship between a child and parents. It explains why a certain soul chooses a certain womb and the specific set of parents. It also sheds light on how human birth is a rare blessing since it is the only form of life from which liberation can be attained.

2) The Family Triangle

Explains the importance of relationships in our life, how the mother is endowed with power when she is bearing a child in her womb, and how the father can create a bonding with the child in the womb as well as take care of his pregnant wife. Thus a family triangle is formed right from the moment of conception.

3) Pre-preparation

Explains to the expectant couple why they must work at building a loving relationship between themselves if they really aspire to become parents. Thus this chapter introduces them to the first sadhana namely ‘sampusht mangal’ which they will undertake as a couple to build a strong relationship which lays the foundation of a happy family.

4) Leshya

A gentle introduction into our inner world of feelings. Leshya is often translated as aura even though it is far more subtle and psychical. Our relationships are influenced by our auric fields. When a soul enters the mother’s womb, it comes with its auric body which influences the mother. The mother’s aura in turn exerts an influence on the child.

5) The Power of Dreams

Guides the reader into understanding the nature of dreams and how they play a role in our life. They are an indicator into the recesses of our mind where our conscious thoughts cannot reach. When a woman conceives, her dreams become an indicator about the nature of the child in her womb.

6) The Science of Colours

Sheds light on the colours used in spiritual practices. Many of the meditation practices in Arham Pregnancy employ specifically designed cards which are rich in form and colour. When we meditate upon the cards and close our eyes, we see certain colours. These become an indicator of our inner world.

7) The Breath Connection

Sheds light on how the mother and child first connect through breath. As soon as the soul enters the womb, it needs a favourable stable atmosphere to settle in. With the correct breathing practices, the mother can create such an atmosphere in the womb.

8) Arrival of the Being

A path breaking introduction to recognizing the first moment of conception and how a pregnant mother must welcome her baby as soon as it enters her womb. A warm welcome in the very first moment will instil a deep sense of security in the baby’s mind.

9) The Sadhana for Extraordinariness

aims to inspire the pregnant mother to visualize birth to a child with extraordinary qualities. The zenith of extraordinariness is found in the fordmakers of Jainism, namely the Tirthankaras. Their qualities are revered by a mantra known as the Namothunam.

10) The Interconnected Form of Sadhana

Brings before the reader the importance of the family triangle. In the Jaina tradition, when a woman becomes pregnant with a soul who will become a Tirthanakara, it is termed as ‘janm kalyanak’ which means auspiciousness of birth. This points to three things at least – greatness of motherhood, greatness of fatherhood and a great life of the entrant being.

11) Between Births

When the soul enters the womb, it brings along past influences which have an impact on the mother. If the soul has come from a negative space, one can see symptoms of fear, doubt and pessimism reflected in the mother. If the soul has come from the celestial abode, then one can see a positive brilliance in the mother’s face. If the entrant soul’s aura is not pure, then the mother has only one goal in front of her – transforming the aura of the child by treading upon the path of sadhana.

12) Holistic Lifestyle

Sheds light on how the pregnant mother must take care of her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. The couple must make the efforts to bring joy to each other. A meditation done by the pregnant mother with both the palms in lotus position known as the ‘paramesthi mudra’ bestows the energy of the liberated beings upon her and the baby in her womb.

13) Postnatal Care

This chapter explains to the mother that the care with which she has lived during pregnancy, should continue in the days to come. Her daily routine, her food intake, her thoughts – every aspect of her life must be one of vigilance.

14) Increasing the Joy of the Mother-to-be

A note to those who are in the proximity of a pregnant woman. It teaches them to take extra care of a woman who is pregnant and make her feel special.

15) The Total Experience of Sadhana

How the magic of Arham Pregnancy has been experienced by many women in the past fifteen years. Hundreds of women from various cities of India have come forward to learn and teach this sadhana to parents who are desirous of having a baby.

Author and Translator


Upadhyaya Shri Praveen Rishi has been reflecting on the Jaina Agamas for the past three decades. His discourses are inspirational and guide the aspirant to become a true seeker. He has created many programmes based on religious concepts and principles for enriching our lives. One of these is Arham Pregnancy. It incorporates myriad aspects of life such as relationships, life goals, rebirth, leshya, meditation and a holistic lifestyle. He is an esteemed Jaina monk and walks barefoot across the length and breadth of the nation spreading the message of religion.

Compiler and Translator:

Dr. Pratibha Jain is an author and translator in the English-Hindi pair. She holds a Doctorate in Philosophy of Language from the University of Madras. She has been a Recipient of the Junior Research Fellowship awarded by the Indian Council of Philosophical Research, New-Delhi.
She has translated several books on scriptural discourses and is also a co-author of two cookbooks which have won international awards. She has made presentations on Indian culinary traditions at many international forums in London, Paris and Italy. She lives in Chennai with her husband, M. Mahendar, and they have a daughter, Manasvi.

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