Arham Couple ~ How to make your marriage blissful?

Will you drive a vehicle without any training? You wouldn’t dare! Yet, when it comes to marriage, no such training is required. Such a life-changing decision, yet there is no preparation? That’s odd, don’t you think?
According to Gurudev Upadhyaya Praveen Rishi, conflicts that arise in marriage are not actually due to bad timing, karma, or ideological differences. Rather, they are due to untrained couples who try and drive the vehicle of marriage.
Without training, even a positive, loving relationship is bound to go off-track, despite both life partners trying their best.

Arham couple marriage book Pratibha Jain


190 Pages, Paperback
Author: Upadhyaya Praveen Rishi
Compilers: Pratibha Jain & Priya Karnawat
Book Design: Ruchika Toshniwal
Publisher: Anand Tirth Foundation
ISBN: 9788193541302
First Print: October 2018
MRP: Rs. 295/-


About this Book

The “Arham Couple” book offers a 7-day training course that guides couples to make their marriage blissful. It offers easy-to-follow tips, practical exercises, and energy therapies that help couples to find joy and harmony with each other.
For instance, you may have no intention to be angry or bitter with your spouse. Yet, when you face each other, something provokes you to express your anger. Although it was never your intention, the energy (aura) you generated resulted in the corresponding action. In this case, anger energy led to angry action.
With the simple exercises given in Arham Couple, you can transform your energy.
This book is an easy and practical guide for married couples. It sensitises you to be empathetic, to communicate in the right way, and even shows you how to fight fair. The processes outlined in this book are simple, quick and straightforward. All couples, irrespective of age, caste, religion or nationality, can follow the processes outlined in this book.
The insights in this book are a culmination of decades of Gurudev’s conversation with couples, children and families through his spiritual wanderings. The book is compiled by Pratibha Jain & Priya Karnawat who worked diligently to bring Gurudev’s vision and innovative teachings to print.
Arham Couple will gently nudge married couples to transform their relationship into one of spiritual and blissful togetherness.


Also available in Hindi as “Arham Dampati”

Arham Dampati

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