Coffeetable Cookbooks with Vegetarian Recipes

“I find it (Sukham Ayu) to be a very handy book as it deals with vegetarian recipes congenial to one and all…it contains details on sattvik food with appropriate presentation for each one to build up a healthy body with a sound mind…” – Yogacharya B K S Iyengar

Spiritual Books based on Teachings of Jaina Seers

Learn relevance of Jaina principles in the context of modern world and how they help you achieve equanimity, peace and ultimate bliss in any of your roles – as a householder, student, parent, or at work!

Interviews with Elders and Family Recipes

Read heartwarming interviews with elders and learn authentic recipes from their kitchens. Enjoy the vast culinary diversity of India. First featured in Harmony, the Indian Magazine for elders, these interviews reflect wisdom interwoven with love and nurturing.

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